12th Annual Child Abuse and Family Violence Summit

Over 43 speakers including: John Stirling MD; Mark Rains PhD; Jim Tanner PhD; David Willis MD, FAAP; Howard Dubowitz MD, MS; Joe Sullivan PhD  April 26-29  Portland  OR  

A multi-disciplinary conference targeted for professionals working in the area of investigations, interviewing, assessment, prosecution and treatment of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence. The goal is to educate professionals on the complex issues associated with child abuse and family violence, to broaden professionals’ knowledge base in multiple areas and increase individual discipline’s understanding of the other agency’s roles and responsibilities.

CE:   Clackamas County Sheriff's Office  Julie L Collinson  (503) 557-5827  Web: www.ChildAbuseSummit.com  Email: jcollinson@clackamas.us  

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