25th National Conference on the Self and Family: The Quest for Meaning, Healing Wellness and Transcendence in Relationships

Faculty includes: Dan Siegel MD; Brena Brown PhD; Michael Leeds PhD; Pat Love EdD; Bill O'Hanlon MS; Colin Ross MD  May 2-5  Santa Fe  NM  

A unique opportunity to join exceptional speakers and trainers in an intensive study of the individual and the family system impacted by a range of disruptive behaviors, addictive disorders and mental illnesses. Traditional as well as alternative counseling and therapeutic topics will be addressed. Woven throughout will be an examination of the quest for meaning for the individual self and family.

CE:   U.S. Journal Training, Inc. and Institute for Integral Development  Early registration: $399/Full, $135/Daily  (800) 441-0034 or (954) 360-0909  Web: www.usjt.com  Email:   

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