33rd Annual Northwest Conference on Behavioral Health & Addictive Disorders. Live Webinar

18 faculty including John Arden PhD; Helen Fisher PhD; Stephen Ilardi PhD; Margaret Wehrenberg PsyD; Kevin McCauley MD; Lisa Firestone PhD; Cardwell Nuckols PhD  May 27-29 See the corona virus update at www.usjt.com Live Webinar Format  

Explore the physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of mental illness and addictive disorders.Topics include trauma treatment; depression and anxiety; addictive disorders; personality disorders; neuroscience & psychotherapy; attachment; adolescent issues; epigenetics, opioid crisis; co-occurring disorders; ethics and many more. Clinical research as it applies to psychotherapy on an array of issues.

CE: Up to 20 hrs NBCC, includes 3 hours Law and Ethics CEs, Psychologist, Social Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor, Nurse and others  U.S. Journal Training  May 27-29 Live Conference Webinar: $299. Single day registration $115  (949) 503-8758 8:30 am-5 pm (EST)  Web: www.usjt.com  Email:   

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