A Risk Assessment and Audit Protocol tool to use in addressing updated HIPAA requirements is now available at no cost

Attorney Robert E Smith has teamed with attorney and licensed psychologist Marvin W Eidinger to develop a HIPAA & HITECH Risk Assessment & Audit protocol. You may now receive the protocol. Written policies and procedures are now mandatory for all health care providers. Bob and Marv developed policies and procedures to satisfy the HIPAA requirement along with updating more than twenty forms typically used by health care providers. Pricing details for the CD will be provided upon request. You can contact Bob (206)200-8453 or RSmith@AdvocatesLG.com or Marv (425)512-0147 or Marvin@DrMarv.com for legal consultations related to the practice of mental health care. To receive a copy of the Risk Assessment & Audit protocol, send an email with your name, Department of Health license number and, if you wish, your questions to

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