Attachment and Trauma Focused Therapy Certificate Program

Deborah Gray MSW, MPA; Sandra Gormon-Brown  September 14-18  ZOOM.  

Perhaps you are grounded in attachment work but wonder how to make your practice simultaneously trauma-informed and attachment-focused, combining both of these valuable components. Or, you may want to develop competency in treatment planning, ordering tasks when pacing trauma work, attachment, or traumatic grief. You may feel competent in your work, but would like balance with countertransference issues, or assurance that you are covering the bases and current with the latest research. You may want, with the context of attachment and trauma work, to learn adaptations for children/teens with executive dysfunction or FASD. Held at ChildStrive 906 SE Everett Mall Way.

CE: 30 CEs  Cascadia Training and Nurturing Attachments  $1400  Brian Andersen  (206) 441-6892  Web:  Email:  

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