Attachment, Mentalization and Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Therapies

Peter Fonagy PhD; Mary Target PhD; Linda Mayes MD; Arietta Slade PhD; Anthony Bateman MA, FRC Psych; Efrain Bleiberg MD  October 19-20  Seattle  WA  

Summarizes the current status of Mentalization based clinical approaches. A developmental framework will be used in the presentation of treatment models for use with parent-infant dyads, children, adolescents, and families as well as psychotherapy for bipolar disorder, narcissistic disorders, violence prevention and trauma. Mentalization is the process of ascribing mental states to the actions of others and oneself. October 21, Western Regional Child Psychoanalytic Meeting 9-12 with Patrick Meurs, PhD.

CE: 16.75 CME/ CPE/ CEU for 3 days  The Edith Buxbaum Foundation; Family Services of King County  see website  Catherine Henderson  (425) 454-3136  Web:  Email:  

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