Creative Counseling Strategies: Applications of the Drawn Mandala and the Jungian-based MARI Card Test

Chris Brewer MA, FAMI  Level 1: October 6-7. Level 2: October 8-9  Seattle  WA  

Certification in a pyschological assessment tool with immediate applications for individuals/groups in identifying personal, career, relationship, health and spiritual issues. Learn symbol and color interpretation in drawn mandalas and effective techniques for the card test. Fee: Level 1/$655 tuition and assessment materials. Level 2/$470 tuition and manual. Level 1 & 2 combined $975(save $150)

CE: 16 NBCC CEUs per Level (32 total)  In-sight Wellness Services and MARI Creative Resources  (336) 207-7505  Web:  Email:  

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