DSM-5 in Practice: Making the Transition to the New Manual

Yvonne Owen PhD  September 12  Shoreline  WA  

September 13 Shoreline WA. October 4 Shoreline WA. October 10 Tacoma WA. October 11 Portland OR. November 1 Spokane WA. November 22 Shoreline WA. This full day workshop will introduce the practicing clinician to the new DSM 5. What has changed? What Diagnostic categories have been eliminated what new ones have emerged? We will have an opportunity to discuss the changes and you will be provided with written materials highlighting the changes from the DSM-IV-TR to the DSM-5. Attendance limited to provide more interaction in a smaller group.

CE: 6 CEUs OSPI, NBCC, WSPA  Cascadia Training  $169  Brian Andersen  (206) 441-6892/(800) 298-6516  Web: www.cascadia-training.org  Email: cascadia.training@gmail.com  

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