EMDR Training

EMDR Virtual Basic Trainings are organized by time zones. Weekend 1: Pacific Time – April 14-16 or May 19-21. Mountain Time – April 28-30 or July 28-30. Weekend 2: Pacific Time – March 3-5 or May 5-7. Mountain Time – March 31-April 2 or June9-11. For Eastern and Midwest dates see website. Dr Francine Shapiro is the originator of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a specialized approach that accelerates treatment of anxiety-based complaints and self-esteem issues, related to both upsetting past events and present life conditions. This method integrates into and augments a treatment plan. Training consists of lecture, live and videotaped demonstrations, and small group exercises. Fee: for early bird discounts on Basic Training, see the website.

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