Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP): New Frontiers in Awareness, Courage, Love and Behaviorism

Mavis Tsai PhD; Robert Kohlenberg PhD, ABPP  August 27-29  Seattle  WA  

Increase the emotional intensity, interpersonal focus and impact of your clinical work. FAP employs functional analysis to create deep, meaningful and healing therapeutic relationships by focusing on the subtle ways clients’ daily life problems occur in the therapy session. Learn when commonly used interventions can be inadvertently counter-therapeutic. Innovations in treatment planning lead clients’ beyond their symptoms into their passion for living. FAP can be integrated into your current practice, and provides a conceptual framework that will super-charge your next session.

CE: 12.5 hrs  University of Washington  $450/professionals; $250/students; early registration by 6/1  (206) 543-6511  Web:  Email:  

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