Healing Trauma Holistically: Annual Conference of the Washington Mental Health Counselors Association

October 2-3  Seattle  WA  

Featuring Trauma specialists Roksan Biktimir LMHC, CTS, Janet Brodsky LICSW, Sharon Stanley PHD, Victor Yalom PHD, Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky MSW. Addresses trauma from a holistic point-of-view including treating children, treating adults, looking at alternative treatment approaches, considering and trying to prevent secondary trauma, and keeping ourselves healthy as we treat our clients using humor, creativity, and our skills. Register at www.WMHCA.org and for more details.

CE: 14 CEUs  Allesandria Goard  (360) 941-2009  Web: www.WMHCA.org  Email: allesandriagoard@gmail.com  

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