Intellect and Intelligence: Fulfilling Your Evolutionary Potential with Joseph Chilton Pearce. April 3 (7-10pm) and 4 (9-5pm) with Michael Mendizza April 5 (9am-1pm)

Seattle  WA  

What’s your potential and what’s preventing you from reaching it? Synthesizing discoveries in physics, biology and psychology, Pearce reveals the relationship of mind and reality and nature’s blueprint for a self-transcending humanity. An amazing capacity for creative power is built into your genes, ready to unfold. Reach beyond limitations and explore human potentials few of us develop.

CE: 9 hrs (4/3-4) 4 hrs (4/5)  Association for Humanistic Psychology and ConferenceWorks  $195 (4/3-4), $125 (4/5) early  (800) 395-8445  Web:  Email:  

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