Living with Intention: A New Way of Being Starts Here

Lynne McTaggart with Brian Hubbard  August 8 (7pm-10pm), 9 (9am-5:30), 10 (9:30am-1pm)  Portland OR/Vancouver  WA  

Author of The Field and The Intention Experiment. Learn to harness the power of intention in everyday life and become your own master of intention. Dig deeper and go further than anything around. A synthesis of the latest discoveries of quantum physics and spiritual traditions to provide a blueprint for conscious and intentional living. A toolkit of methods for using intention effectively. At the Hilton Vancouver WA.

CE: 9 hrs NBCC, CA LCSW/MFCC, CA RN others (nominal fee payable onsite)  Association for Humanistic Psychology, ConferenceWorks  $244.99/early  (800) 395-8445  Web:  Email:  

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