Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: Cultivating Well-Being in the Present Moment

Program Coordinators Marion F Solomon PhD; Bonnie Goldstein PhD  October 5-7  Los Angeles  CA  

Keynote Speaker: The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. With Tara Brach, Trudy Goodman, Jack Kornfield, Sara W Lazar, Daniel J Siegel, Harriet Kimble Wrye, and many others. Anticipate a deeply stimulating, potentially life- and practice-changing exchange as this conference brings together leading experts to discuss Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. Held at Royce Hall & Ackerman Grand Ballroom, UCLA Campus.

CE:   UCLA Extension and Lifespan Learning Institute and The Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and InsightLA  (310) 825-7093 or (310) 474-2505  Web: www.uclaextension.edu/mindfulness  Email: healthsci@uclaextension.edu  

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