Mindfulness, Healing And The Neurobiology Of Love: Modern Neuroscience And Buddhist Wisdom For Professionals And Meditation Practitioners

Daniel J Siegel MD; Jack Kornfield PhD  November 5-6  Los Angeles  CA  

Professional and contemplative practitioners alike will find great value in this 2-day program, which provides practical steps for transforming oneself and liberating the mind toward compassionate and empathic relationships. Kornfield and Siegel provide the foundation for healing and living a healthy, joyful, and wise life. Held at Ackerman Grand Ballroom UCLA Campus.

CE: 13 for APA, MFT/LCSW, CMA, BRN, and NBCC (MCEPAA pending)  Sponsored by Lifespan Learning Institute  (310) 474-2505  Web: www.lifespanlearn.info  Email: registration@lifespanlearn.info  

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