Mindfulness with Teens: Practical Strategies for Increasing Presence, Intention, & Non-Judgment

David Flack MA, LMHC, CDP  October 2 THIS WORKSHOP RESCHEDULED TO FEBRUARY 5, 2021  Shoreline  WA  

Research shows that practicing mindfulness can be extremely helpful to those challenged by depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance use disorders, and more. In fact, mindfulness is an essential component of evidence-based practices such as DBT and ACT. This can be difficult to present to teens. This workshop will present mindfulness in ways that are concrete, accessible and provide obvious value to this client group.

CE: 6 CEs  Cascadia Training  $165  Brian Andersen  (206) 441-6892  Web: www.cascadia-training.com  Email: cascadia.training@gmail.com  

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