New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment with Bessel A. van der Kolk MD

December 5-6  Portland  OR  

January 23-24 Seattle WA. Dr. van der Kolk will explore the effects of trauma on cognitive, psychological and interpersonal functioning. He will review the research on the profound effects of trauma on cognition, affect regulation, and on the development of “self” and interactions with others. He will discuss how trauma and disruptions in attachment bonds affect the development of people’s identity, and how this is expressed socially as difficulties in affect modulation, destructive behavior against self and others and in negotiating intimacy. In the wake of recent insights into the neurobiology of trauma, a range of new approaches to treatment have been developed. Dr. van der Kolk will present research data evaluating each set of interventions, show videotaped clinical examples, and discuss the integration of these approaches during different stages of treatment. Fee: $279 (14 days prior), $299 (received by noon on day prior) $319 (on-site) Please call to register with a $10 Workshop Calendar discount.

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