Occupational Therapy & Sensory Processing Tools: Treatment of COMPLEX TRAUMA: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action

Sally Carman OTR/L  May 28 (Postponed class from March 26)  Shoreline  WA  

Learn some new evidence-based tools to supercharge your practice. Occupational Therapy, better described as Functional Therapy, utilizes sensorimotor input to improve self-regulation, social skills, and multiple other traits to improve function. Become AWARE of how sensorimotor differences appear, develop AWARENESS of how it may appear, and take ACTION with practical techniques in the treatment of trauma/neglect. Individualized and targeted sensory input not only improves processing, but also the regulation of emotion, energy, behavior, and self-concept, appropriate to all ages.

CE: 6 CEs  Cascadia Training  $165  Brian Andersen  (206) 441-6892  Web: www.cascadia-training.com  Email: cascadia.training@gmail.com  

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