Pilgrimage: A Jungian Perspective on an Ancient Therapeutic Archetype

Terrill L Gibson PhD  October 4  Portland  OR  

A global revival of interest is emerging in ancient routes and disciplines of Pilgrimage. This seminar will explore the historical background and contemporary potential of this healing archetype in pastoral psychotherapy. A Jungian-themed collage of film and image will suggest a theoretical model for respectful clinical and cultural applications of this therapeutic medium. Lunch included. Held at University Place, Portland State University.

CE: 5 hrs NBCC  American Assn of Pastoral Counselors, NW Region  $100 (by 09/19)/$120 Professional, $50 (by 09/19)/$60 Student  Anthony Terndrup  (541) 753-9217  Web: www.aapc.org/nwregion08.pdf  Email: aterndrup@comcast.net  

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