Rashani Rea

July 18-22  Bellingham  WA  

Rashani is known for her councils and retreats, concerts and unique collages. She spent many years connected to Plum Village and Thich Nhat Hahn, singing at his retreats and public dharma talks. July 18 (7pm) A New Moon Evening. July 20 (7:30pm) A Prayerformance of Soetry (Song and Poetry) An interactive concert experience. “Rashani’s music invites us into a world where we can find the healing power within us that we thirst for in this time” Joanna Macey. July 21-22 A retreat with song, silence, dyads and dreams, journal writing, walking meditation. Practice defenseless intimacy with all that is while resting as awareness. Fee: 7/18 (New Moon) $20-$25. 7/20 (Soetry) $15-$20 . 7/21-22 (Retreat) $245-$300, $215 before 6/10.

CE:   Mirabai Wahbe  (360) 738-9880  Web: www.Rashani.com  Email:   

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