Seventh Annual Attachment Conference: Adult Attachment in Clinical Context: Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview

Program Coordinators Marion F Solomon PhD; Bonnie Mark-Goldstein PhD  March 8-9  Los Angeles  CA  

The 2008 conference presents leading theorists in the field. Their findings are essential to today’s practitioners. A cutting edge conference with Sir Richard Bowlby; Peter Fonagy PhD; Erik Hesse PhD; Mary Main PhD; Pat Ogden PhD; Allan Schore PhD; Daniel J Siegel MD; Arietta Slade PhD; Alan Sroufe PhD; June Sroufe PhD; Howard Steele PhD; Miriam Steele PhD. March 7 Optional Pre-Conference Workshop. Held at UCLA. For a program brochure visit the website.

CE:   UCLA Extension and Lifespan Learning Institute  (310) 825-7093 or (310) 474-2505  Web:  Email:  

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