Spirituality, Medicine, and Pastoral Counseling: Spiritual Assessment In Selected Areas of Mental Health

David Arnold Harrison MD, PhD  October 1 (2:30pm-9pm) - 2 (8:30am-3pm)  Portland  OR  

The work of Pastoral Counseling in spiritual assessment with respect to core areas in mental health, including: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, working with difficult patients, delirium and dementia, and stroke and traumatic brain injury. Held at Portland State University. To register, go to the AAPC website and click on Continuing Education.

CE:   Sponsored by American Association of Pastoral Counselors Northwest Region  $135/$120 early by 9/03, Friday evening dinner $35  Clinton McNair or HeatherJoy Boi  (206) 296-2592  Web: www.aapcnwregion.org  Email: mcnairc@seattleu.edu  

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