Structured Educational Consultation Group

Deborah Gray MSW, MPA  December 6 (9:30am-4:30pm). See February 7 for next consult date topic Gender Fluidity  Shoreline Center  

For therapists providing foster care and adoption therapy in their practices.This consult will look at fragmentation of self, dissociation, and the restoration of self. We will look at the work of Helen Lanius, who has a “4-D” model, or 4 dimensions of consciousness. Her work helps us in understanding dissociation in a different manner. It dovetails nicely with Diana Fosha’s work on the core self and the harm to the core self with maltreatment. I find her work valuable for children and teens whose traumas are compartmentalized but acted out. These people are not Dissociative Identity Disorder, but they are definitely not present or in present time.

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