The Adventure of Self-Discovery: A Holotropic Breathwork Experience

Stanislav Grof MD and Tav Sparks  October 18 (6:30pm-10pm), 19 (8:45am-8pm), 20 (9:30am-12:30pm)  

and Movie Yoga: Turning Your Life Into an Epic Adventure. Tav Sparks. October 18 (9am-4:30pm). Seattle WA. With Holotropic Breathwork gain access to your own inner healing wisdom. A combination of possible experiences, including personal history, psychological death/rebirth, and the transpersonal. Through breathing, music, and a supporting setting, experience a true non-ordinary state, allowing deep self-exploration, personal transformation and healing. Mandala drawing and processing your experience are important additional elements of the weekend.

CE: yes, call  Holotropics  $295/$325 Adventure of Self-Discovery. $90/$110 Movie Yoga  (415) 383-8779  Web:  Email:  

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