The Empathic Co-Narcissist®: A workshop to support clients who are the empathic partners, family members and co-workers of narcissists

Sherry Bishop MS, LMHC  Part 1: September 25-26. Part 2: October15-17. Part 3: November 13, all via ZOOM  

In this innovative 3-part workshop, you will learn the tools for your clients to successfully live with, divorce, or work with a narcissist. You will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the empath/narcissist “spectrum” and how narcissists and empaths differ in cognition, affect and behavior. Course includes a toolkit of skills for navigating these relationships without the use of empathy, a “language” that population doesn’t speak. Fee: Part 1 is mandatory in order to proceed to Part 2 and / or Part 3, but you are not required to take the entire course.

CE:   Part 1: $295/13 CEs. Part 2: $425/20 CEs. Part 3: $165/7 CEs  Sherry Bishop  (360) 681-0700  Web:  Email:  

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