The Liminal and the Lumescent: Analysis as Clinical Shapeshifting; Toward a Depth Changing of Individual and Global Alignments

Terrill L Gibson PhD, Jungian Analyst  October 22  Seattle  WA  

Employing Liminal-Archetypal concepts of Jung’s Unus Mundus (One World) to explore theoretical and clinical dynamics of analytic liminal/numinal space, Dr. Gibson examines analysis as an aesthetic experience, a political event, a pilgrimage, a sacrament–as much collective as individual moment. Selected, confessionally-protected clinical vignettes, film vignettes, and images will be used throughout the discussion.

CE: 6 hours  Jungian Psychotherapists Association  $110/$120 after10/6; students: $60/$80 after 10/6 senior $90  (206) 784-9977  Web:  Email:  

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