The Transformation of Emotional Suffering: Neuroplasticity and Attachment in Action in AEDP

Diana Fosha PhD; Ben Lipton LCSW  February 24-25  Vancouver  BC  

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) assumes a healthy core within all people and emphasizes experiential work with attachment, emotion and transformation. AEDP leverages safety and connection within the therapist-client relationship toward healing and growth. This workshop will deepen your understanding of how attachment theory and neurobiology inform experiential psychotherapeutic work from a radically empathic stance. Fee: $399/$499 after 1/27, FT student $299 ($US). Group rates see website below. All fees HST exempt. Includes lunch both days.

CE: California - $50  AEDP Institute  (604) 253-8641  Web:  Email:  

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