The Women of Analytical Psychology: Women analysts speak for themselves through film

Kyle Lee Williams MA, LMHCA, Facilitator  OCTOBER 3 through December 5 (Monday eves)  Mercer Island  WA  

Seven documentary films of the achievements of women in the field of Analytical Psychology which portray The liberating vision Analytical Psychology holds for women. These documentaries offer the opportunity to understand Jung through the eyes of people who knew him personally. Films subject to change of order. 10/3 Marion Woodman, 10/17 Marie-Louise von Franz-Part 3, 11/7 Johanna Meier, 11/21 Gilda Frantz, 12/5 Marie-Louise von Franz-Part 2. Held at 3010 77th Ave SE, Ste 208, Mercer Island.

CE:   Full Moon Integrative Therapies  $5/per film, free for members of the CG Jung Society  (206) 697-1391  Web:  Email:  

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