Unlocking the Puzzle of Couples’ Counseling: Ethically Putting the Pieces of Personality Type, Birth Order, Communication Preferences, and Conflict Resolution Styles Back Together (6 Law and Ethics CEs)

Sally Braithwaite MA, LMHC  May 20  Shoreline  WA  

This workshop focuses on interactive, easy-to-understand assessments to identify and enhance couples’ understanding of, commitment to, and empathy for their partner. Sally Braithwaite has condensed her effective, entertaining partnership with couples who came to her due to her reputation as a therapist who made couples’ counseling not only brief but highly effective. Check the website for a more complete explanation of her work.

CE: 6 Law and Ethics CEs  Cascadia Training  $169  Brian Andersen  (206) 441-6892  Web: www.cascadia-training.com  Email: cascadia.training@gmail.com  

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