Webinar: The Hero’s Journey through COVID-19: Practical Skills to Navigate Challenging Socio-Cultural Times. (6 CEs. Meets Cultural Competency Requirements)

Greg Crosby MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA  August 14  

Our clients are on a Hero’s Journey managing their existential difficulties through COVID-19 during social unrest and environmental challenges. The workshop will address: interpersonal neurobiology, stages of change, hero’s journey of Joseph Campbell and the social unconscious to better understand how to navigate the internal and external (environmental) dynamics affecting our client’s change process. Meets Cultural Competency CE requirement.

CE: 6 CEs  Crosby Integrative Training  $120  Greg  (971) 300-5955  Web: www.crosbyintegrativetraining.com  Email: gregc1112@aol.com  

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