When Survivors Give Birth

Penny Simkin, PT, CD, DT  January 25-26  Seattle  WA  

January 25 Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women: Approx. one in four women have experienced early sexual abuse. This workshop explores the physical and emotional challenges that sexual abuse history may bring to childbirth and ways a birth or mental health practitioner can better assist women in the journey toward healing.
January 26 More than Coming Out of Birth Alive: One third of women suffer in labor and describe their birth as traumatic. Learn about the Neuromatrix Theory of Pain and how care and support before and during labor is instrumental in preventing suffering and Post Traumatic Stress after birth.

CE: Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work; ACNM Specialty Credit  Seattle Midwifery School  $150/one day; $275/full workshop  Annie Kennedy, Program Director  (206) 322-8834  Web: www.seattlemidwifery.org  Email: anniek@seattlemidwifery.org  

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